The Fairfax


These blonde butterflies that smell of coconut and pear offer an aromatic and flavorful boost to your dog’s day.

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fairfax-on-the-porchBlonde butterflies that smell of coconut and pear. The inspiration for these treats  is a blind rescue dog named Fairfax, who will never be able to see the beauty of a real life butterfly, but I suspect he sure can smell them.

Each Fairfax measures 5cm x 3cm x 1cm. This product costs £2.99 for 10 butterflies plus £3.49 P&P for up to five packs of any of our products per order. Orders over £20.00 are sent free of P&P fees (UK only). For trade orders or overseas shipping please contact us for pricing.

Ingredients:gluten free flour, pear, coconut, flax seed, oil, love.


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