Pizza Pies


Home dried tomatoes and Italian spices give these treats an authentic scent and flavour. They have been marked out into segments so that each pizza can be easily snapped into tiny slices to prolong the treat giving love-fest.

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teenager-harley laughing-harleyMeet Harley who was my inspiration for this recipe. So many dogs remind me of (furry) kids, and teenager Harley is no exception. Every teenager I know loves pizza, so I created this recipe to give Harley and all the other pizza loving furkids a healthy version that could be used as a treat or reward for good behaviour.

Each Pizza Pie measures 5cm x 5cm x 0.5cm. This product costs £2.99 for ten pizzas plus £3.49 P&P for up to five packs of any of our products per order. Orders over £20.00 are sent free of P&P fees (UK only). For trade orders or overseas shipping please contact us for pricing.

Ingredients: Chickpea, water, oil, home dried tomatoes, oregano, basil, love


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