Nut Bars


These treats are packed full of fresh ground peanuts and banana making them irresistible to hounds (and some of their humans)! Marked out into segments for easy division into smaller sized treats.

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charlie-waiting-for-nutballsHappy chappie Charlie was the inspiration for this recipe. He’s an adorable nutball and these treats, which are packed full of fresh ground peanuts, were originally made in a ball shape to reflect that personality trait. However, my testers said that the nutballs were a bit of a challenge for some of the dogs to chew, so I tweaked the recipe into a bar shape which got paws up from the hound testers and their humans.

Each Nut Bar measures 2cm x 1cm x 0,5cm. This product costs £2.99 for 10 bars plus £3.49 P&P for up to five packs of any of our products per order. Orders over £20.00 are sent free of P&P fees (UK only). For trade orders or overseas shipping please contact us for pricing.

Ingredients: gluten free flour, peanut butter, banana, sunflower oil, water, salt, love



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