Boney-Go: a burst of energy for dogs on the go


Packed with chickpea, courgette, carrot, tomato and apple! These treats are suitable for every pooch from pensioners to puppies, and especially loved by active dogs on the go. Marked out into segments for easy division into smaller sized treats.

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working-wilsonwilson-and-boney-goBusy Wilson was the inspiration for this recipe. He is a trainee search and rescue dog who also runs a lot of miles with his humum each month. She contacted us to ask if we could create a recipe for a bigger treat that could be taken on their runs to boost his energy part way through and also at the end of their run.

Each Boney-Go measures 8.5cm x 3cm x 1cm. This product costs £2.99 for six bones plus £3.49 P&P for up to five packs of any of our products per order. Orders over £20.00 are sent free of P&P fees (UK only). For trade orders or overseas shipping please contact us for pricing.

Ingredients: gluten free flour, chickpea, carrot,  tomato, courgette, oil, basil, love.


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