“Absolutely faultless service, super speedy delivery and a lovely personal touch! I’m sure Lacey and her friends will have a great birthday picnic!” (Jennifer)

“This is her adorable doggy Birthday cake from @barkingbakerycompany ~ I can’t get over how cute it is!” (River) (taken from her Instagram post)

“Love this company ! So refreshing to find good quality, even healthy dog treats ! My 4 love them” (Jade P)

“My dogs have loved the treats I have given them and I am happy knowing they are healthy and have no bad things in them” (Looloo)

“Lovely healthy treats, it’s so nice to know exactly what goes in them! Kiki goes especially crazy for the fudge!” (Jade D)

“The boys loved their delivery, they see the brown bag and go nuts , the raspberry treats are a big hit, will try to get pics!” (Louise)

“I thought the hounds needed a bit of entertainment on a wet cold day of cleaning and DIY so I brought their Christmas maze mats out early…what a hit!” (Catherine A)

“Absolutely beautiful, healthy hand made treats. The service is second to none, you couldn’t ask for a better service!” (Becky)

“Our cavachon seems to get ill with all different kind of treats because of his sensitive stomach but he’s absolutely fine with yours. Highly recommended.” (Shay)

“Breac ate most of your pizza treats but Cael liked your pizza treats so much he stole a pack & scoffed the lot within 20min of me unpacking the delivery box.” (Catherine W)

“My dogs LOVE the pretzel’s!! so will have to buy them more next payday!!” (Jenni)

“Woof woof, hello this is Elmo, the treats you sent to my mummy for me & my sisters were VERY VERY YUMMY, woof woof, Elmo xx”

“He went MENTAL for your Pumpkin Pretzels! (I fed him one, he went loopy, ran off upstairs and then came back down and tried to steal the rest of the packet from the stairs and run off with them which he has never ever done before!)” (Sam)

“Daisy does love her treats and gets too excited when she see’s the bag ?? xxx thank you for the lovely treats” (Nicki)

“Yet another achievement…. Nell is practising her down stay & yes the training treats are working, a treat!! Thank you so much Ma King for the sampler, defo need this on reorder. PS they smell delicious” (Victoria)

“It’s a good job you can’t see the puddle of drool on the kitchen floor… while I was ‘deciding’ which one to eat.” (Teagan – click here to read the rest of her review on her blog)

“Received with thanks. Very happy hounds.” (Linda)

“Thank you. Spud absolutely loves the Banana Bears. You’ve got yourself a fan.” (Dee)

“The doodles loved the donuts!” (Holly)

“Thank you for our treats… maybe I’ll eat something now as I’m feeling very sorry for myself” (Harley – post neutering)

“I don’t buy dog treats from anywhere else now.” (Sarette)

“It’s the first time I’ve tried your treets and they are delish!” (Humf)

“Came home from work today and my wonderful friend has had some of your treats sent to my collie, Boo, he has been through a lot the last couple of months and she sent them to cheer him up, he loves them xx” (Sarah)

“Think the treats were a paws up from their reaction gobbling them down!” (The Dog Walker, Portsmouth)

“Just need to Thank you Ma King xx after a very anxious vet trip we came home & had few Chamomile Star treats. They have settled him down & now in a lovely relaxed nap. I know he’s relaxed because he’s all stretched out, snoring!!” (Victoria)

“Luvin me raspberry hearts!” (Dame Pink)

“Cookie loves the donuts.” (Donna)

“Ginta’s treats arrived today! He is one happy puppy!”(Michaela)

“Nom, nom, nom! Delicious ruffled raspberry hearts! Thanks, Ma King” (Donna P)

“Oh my goodness, my gang will love these!” (Melissa)

“Well … Dottie and Stan made short work of their new treats … Been on a health drive since the New Year and these are just the ticket. Yum! Not usually allowed chocolate donuts … But seeing as these are healthy. Fanx Barking Bakery Company” (Tara)

“She loves them ! #happypuppy!” (Ali)

“It was a nutbar walkies today in a bright and breezy walk (between the hail !!) ‪#‎nutbars‬ ‪#‎yummytreats‬ ‪#‎happydoggy‬” (Kirsty)

“Thank you so much for Barnaby’s delivery… Blueberry Bark nom nom x” (Victoria)

“My six are very taken with your treats.” (Patrick)

“Our old girl, Trixie, loves Ma King’s soft Stew Bones.” (Rachel)

“Yuki & Kiko loved their birthday donuts. Thanks so much Ma King for coming up trumps.” (Annie)

“Lottie opening her stew bones! One happy pooch!” (Sam)

“Mmm pooch cakes, thanks Ma King!” (Katie)

“After walkies treat, yummy Stew Bones, patience, wait, go yummy.” (Search Dog Kip Rtd)

“Hey Ma King mummy needs to order me some treats!!” (Charlie)

“I jus tried a pink heart and they are DELICIOUS! They are all soooooo tasty! Nomalicious!!” (Harvey)

“They’re the cutest dog treats ever!” (Rebecca)

“Bilbo would like some of these delicious treats in his Christmas stocking, please xxx” (Mary)