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Share the love

heart-filled-leash-pendant-with-logo-collage_fotorWhy not share the love with one of our raspberry hearts filled leash pendants this February?  You will get two filled pendants for £2.99 (P&P). Take a heart filled leash pendant along on walks with you to share the love with your furry Valentine, or order some to be shipped to your dog’s Valentine(s). Add to your cart from our limited editions treat page and specify that you want option 2 (the pendants) by leaving us a note before you pay at  checkout. If you do not specify option 2 then you will automatically be sent a packet of our ruffled raspberry love hearts (in a packet rather than a pendant).

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Why is everything marked as out of stock?

As all of our treats are fresh baked to order you may be wondering why they are currently all marked as ‘out of stock’. This is because as of today we reached the tipping point where we cannot possibly take any more orders and guarantee to get your treats baked and in the post to you in time for Christmas. Thank you so much to everyone who has chosen our bakery as the place to buy healthy gourmet treats to indulge your dog with! We really appreciate your business and we will be open to new orders again on January 1st 2017. Until then please stay in touch with us on social media and keep sharing those lovely photos of your four – legged friends.

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Market Prices Just For You (and you, and you, oh and you too)

santa-pugston-winston-mounterSanta Pugston (Winston Mounter) is here to tell you that we have eleventymillion packs of treats and maze mats all ready for you to buy at the Love Baffins Christmas market today! Buy individual packs of treats for £2.99 each or take advantage of our Christmas market prices: 4 packs of treats for £10 (you save £1.96) or a maze mat and 2 packs of treats for £17.00 (you save £1.97). You’ll find us on Tangiers Road, Portsmouth, PO3 6PG (outside the Lovely Chops dog groomers, near the zebra crossing and the brass band) 11am – 3pm.

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Ingwer Danes

grace-with-id-treat Meet Gracie,  the inspiration for our Ingwer Danes dog treats, and also the model for the shape of the treat cutter. Isn’t she beautiful? Her humum is the brains behind ‘Because of a Dane‘.

Molasses and ginger lend an authentic gingerbread note to these Great Dane shaped biscuits. Each Ingwer Dane measures 7cm x 8cm x 1cm. This product costs £2.99 for five Ingwer Danes plus £3.49 P&P.

If you want to buy some Ingwer Danes, or any of our other gourmet dog treats to indulge your dog, then click here or click on the shop tab in the top of our website.

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A giveaway to celebrate our fab new website

To celebrate our wonderful new website were giving you two things:

  1. a free sample pack of one of our products with any order you place between now and December 31st; and
  2. a free recipe you can bake yourself.

As a micro dog treat bakery (meaning we use the same kitchen for preparing dog treats as we do for human foods) we are not allowed to use animal by products in the treats we sell. This restriction unfortunately includes products such as eggs, cheese and milk which is a shame as we know how much dogs love cheese! However there is no reason why you can’t use these ingredients in dog treats you bake yourselves, and we’re giving you a chance to do just that by baking your favourite dog this delightfully cheesy dog treat recipe we created.


  • Rosemary Chews – (makes 80 small hearts)
  • 155g gluten free flour
  • 45g oats
  • 25g grated cheddar
  • 25g grated parmesan
  • 105g oatmeal (made into porridge by adding 100ml water to the oats)
  • 160g sweet potato puree
  • 2 heaping tsp rosemary


  • Combine all ingredients
  • Roll out flat between cling film (top) and greaseproof paper or plastic cutting board (bottom) to desired thickness.
  • Remove cling film
  • Cut out into small heart shapes and press zigzag lines along center of heart shape with tip of tea spoon
  • Bake at 160 for 20 minutes and then turn temp down to 100 for 10 mins
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Featured Ambassadog

Darling little Nell has been one of our Ambassadogs ever since she was
rescued by her humum and hudad. As you can see, she was very tiny when
rescued and had to have collars handmade to fit for safety. This was done
for free by Ian (a specialist dog trainer) who offered to make bespoke collars for her – one was teensy (20cm) for immediate use and the other a little bigger.


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The wonderful Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs are our charity for 2016

Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs is a team of volunteers called out by the
police to search for vulnerable missing people. These might be elderly
people with dementia, young people or those with mental health problems.

The search dogs are all family pets, living at home with their handlers
(i.e. owners). They are all assessed to national Lowland Rescue standards.

Most of the search dogs are non-specific air-scenting search dogs. This
means they do not need a scent article from the missing person in order to
begin to work. They can cover large areas of ground much more quickly than
a team of humans alone.

All operational team members are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the
year, and none are paid. All funds raised for the team go towards essential
kit to ensure members can continue providing their life-saving service.

As of May 2016, they have four operational dogs and six trainees. From
January-April 2016, they had 17 callouts/standbys and one operational find
by Search Dog Oppo, a springer spaniel.
Click here if you wish to donate.

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How it all began

The idea to start a dog treat bakery came from a casual comment from
someone who saw a photo I posted on twitter of some baked blueberry donuts
that I had created a recipe for. Knowing I often share these recipes she
asked me if she could have this one as her dog loved blueberries. I offered
to create a more dog friendly one as this one was for humans, and
after several attempts and lots of taste testing, ended up with the recipe
which became our Blueberry Bark dog treat.

I then wrote, testbaked, and tweaked the recipes for all of our other
products over a period of several months. They have each been tested
and approved by many hounds and their humans, some of which are regular
testers and some of which are ad-hoc testers who answer shout outs
for volunteers for taste testing.

Throughout the process of starting a dog treat bakery, I have been
astonished at how difficult it actually is to start up a animal feed
business properly, all the paperwork that has to be completed, inspections
to pass, and licensing registrations that one needs to obtain. The process
has been a very reassuring eye opener that any animal treat business with a
registration number (no wonder they are so prominently displayed!) has had
to work very hard to prove they are safe to produce their products.

It certainly hasn’t been all hard work – figuring out the analytical
constituents of my products was challenging, but drafting up the other
wording on my labels and working with a designer to craft a perfect logo
and brand was F U N!. Finding affordable, recycled, eco friendly packaging
was a challenge but well worth the search. Best of all though was creating
the recipes – it was a whole new writing challenge because dogs cannot eat
a lot of the things humans can, and I wanted them to be healthy and tasty
for dogs, and aesthetically appealing to their humans (as well as edible
for their humans if they so felt the urge).