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Donuts and fudge!

We’re expanding our very popular donut and fudge ranges. You’re welcome.

We have two new donut flavours: Marzipan and Peanut Butter & Jam.

We have three new fudge flavours: What the Fudge?, Smokehouse Fudge, and For the Love of Fudge.

Here’s a very sweet video of Ambassadog Freddie enjoying some of our ‘For the Love of Fudge’….just look at that face!

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Hurrah for May!

We had a wonderful time at the Portsmouth Rural & Seaside show which took us from the month of April to May. It was lovely to meet so many customers in person, and to be told that some of you had come to the event specially to see us. Thank you!

We doubled the number of products we brought to the event this year, but thanks to all you lovely customers it seems that next year we will have to triple or quadruple that amount. Huge apologies to those of you who weren’t able to pick up your favourite treats because we sold out of everything (twice) over the weekend, and we do hope you’ll be ordering them through our online shop instead.

In case you missed them on our social media pages here are some photos from the weekend:

The next event we will be at is the Gosport Dog Show in Walpole Park (Church Path, PO12 1) on the 27th May.

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2017 Rural & Seaside Show April 29th – May 1st

We’ll be at the Rural & Seaside show all weekend! If you want to indulge your dog(s) with free samples just look for our logo on our bright blue gazebo and come over to say hello. We will be bringing the following treats to market as well as our handmade Maze Mats (interactive treat dispensers) and Tug Ropes, all available at our usual market discount.

Apple Twists

Stew Bones

Chamomile Stars

Cinnamon Buns – last chance to get these limited edition treats until next April (unless you hold a Platinum Membership)

CC Training Treats

Sweet Peas – brand new product

Pizza Pies

Wilsy Windles





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Swimming, not baking.

bathing-suitToday is 5k Swimathon day, and entering this challenge seemed a good idea after I finished swimming 3k in the swimathon last year. Now however, it’s fair to say I’m questioning my sanity. Why do I do these things to myself? Well, mostly because I’m fundraising for Marie Curie, the charity that provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. I am a really S L O W swimmer, and worried that that I’ll have to share a lane with fast swimmers who will be very cross about having to pass me all the time. Practice sessions tell me that the first hour will be sketchy…and that after that I’ll begin to relax (until I reach the ‘kill me now’ zone). My fundraising page is here, and anything you can spare will be much appreciated by those in need:

UPDATE: 5K done, here’s the medal to prove it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat all of the food.


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Meet our 2017 – 2018 Team

You all know and love our Flagship Dog Wilson – trainee search and rescue dog, and reluctant sharer of treats. In all fairness his reluctance is understandable because his humum makes him  share our products with an awful lot of other dogs including his cousins and many of the dogs on the Hampshire Search and Rescue Team. Wilson was the inspiration for our Blueberry Bark and Boney-Go treats as well as part of the inspiration for our Wilsy Windle namesake treats.

We thought it time for a formal introduction to the Ambassadogs that will be supporting him (and us) for the next year. You can find out more about the Ambassadog Team from last year by clicking through to this post.

Ambassadog Freddie is a Labrador, and everyone knows all food must go to the lab for testing. However, Freddie has Crohn’s disease which means only certain kinds of food is suitable for his sensitive digestive system – we are happy to report that all of our products are safe for dogs like Freddie which means he can live up to his reputation as a Lab. Freddie was the inspiration for our Fredsticks namesake treats.

Ambassadog Rudy is a  Greyhound x Ridgeback seven year old puppy, and more than a bit of a momma’s boy. He is a very fussy eater except when it comes to our treats which meet with his approval, and he has promised to share them with his friends at the park this year.

Ambassadogs Poppy and Max are miniature Schnauzers. Poppy is precocious and outspoken with a wicked sense of humour that makes us laugh lots. Max is her rather more silent but defiant sidekick – he’s got his own style and he’ll sit when he decides it’s time to sit (a.k.a. treat time). Poppy can’t digest chicken protein, and her brother Max can’t eat wheat so our products are ideal for meeting their treat needs. You can read their Ambassadog application on this post here.

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Job application skills!

Our Ambassadogs are company employees and as such must apply and interview for the position. The letter below is one of the pawsome applications we received this year, and we wanted to share it with you because it made us laugh and preen…and offer the applicant (and her brother) an Ambassadog post. You’ve already met our Flagship Dog Wilson, but we’ll introduce you to the rest of the team in the next week to so.

“My name is Poppy and I’m a miniature schnauzer; I am vocal and expressive (with a lot to say). I love my daddy, and like my mummy and brother Max. I like food, okay fine I love food, not all food, I’m not a lover of raw spinach. I can be a bit sensitive and not all food agrees with me; apparently chicken protein is bad, so my mum and dad are careful with what they give me. They have given me the treats you make and I loved them, had no adverse reaction and will sit and stay for them (that’s a good thing apparently).

My brother Max (who is also a miniature schnauzer) has a sensitive tummy (eye roll); he can’t have a lot of wheat. M&D have tried him on a lot of things in the past and it wasn’t always good, but your treats are wonderful. He even sits for them; he never sits (another deserved eye roll).

So in conclusion we would love to be your ambassadors 😊 cause we love your work and you make us happy (and not sick).
Sincerely Yours,

Max and Poppy
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Millie reviews our Minted Pea Shamrocks (limited edition flavour for March)

You can order your very own Minted Pea Shamrocks here:

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Our Flagship Dog and Ambassadog Team

Wilson Martin, the Barking Bakery Company Flagship Dog

Meet Wilson Martin, our Flagship Dog….he used to be one of our Ambassadogs but we decided he deserved a promotion due to his history with our company:

It all began when Wilson’s humum saw a pic Ma King posted of a recipe she had created for humans to enjoy. She asked if there was a dog friendly version, and although there wasn’t, Ma took up the challenge of creating one. After a lot of tweaks, we had the very first product – Blueberry Bark – for what was to become the Barking Bakery Company you know and love today.

Since that very first recipe, Wilson and his humum have gone on to test every product to ensure aesthetics, longevity, durability, and most importantly, the taste, of each treat remains true to our Barking Bakery Company brand.

We now have several more treat testers to help Wilson with his ‘hard’ work, and some of them have become our Ambassadogs –  a role that seeks out new recruits on an annual basis.

Are you one of our future Ambassadogs? Ambassadogs love our products and are keen to share that fact with others on social media. To find out more about the Ambassadog role and to tell us why you think you’re perfect for the job, please send us a message via our contact page.

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Namesake Treat Challenge

fredsticks-with-logoWe suggested to our followers and customers on social media that they give us some namesake treat challenges. Several of you joined in the fun by suggesting names and after a playday in the bakery the first challenge has been completed! These Fredsticks now have a recipe, have had a test bake, and tomorrow they will be on their way to our product testers, and to Freddie who offered his name for the challenge. You can follow Freddie on Twitter by searching for @freddiethelab and us @barkingbakeryco