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Our Flagship Dog and Ambassadog Team

Wilson Martin, the Barking Bakery Company Flagship Dog

Meet Wilson Martin, our Flagship Dog….he used to be one of our Ambassadogs but we decided he deserved a promotion due to his history with our company:

It all began when Wilson’s humum saw a pic Ma King posted of a recipe she had created for humans to enjoy. She asked if there was a dog friendly version, and although there wasn’t, Ma took up the challenge of creating one. After a lot of tweaks, we had the very first product – Blueberry Bark – for what was to become the Barking Bakery Company you know and love today.

Since that very first recipe, Wilson and his humum have gone on to test every product to ensure aesthetics, longevity, durability, and most importantly, the taste, of each treat remains true to our Barking Bakery Company brand.

We now have several more treat testers to help Wilson with his ‘hard’ work, and some of them have become our Ambassadogs –  a role that seeks out new recruits on an annual basis.

Are you one of our future Ambassadogs? Ambassadogs love our products and are keen to share that fact with others on social media. To find out more about the Ambassadog role and to tell us why you think you’re perfect for the job, please send us a message via our contact page.

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