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Meet our 2017 – 2018 Team

You all know and love our Flagship Dog Wilson – trainee search and rescue dog, and reluctant sharer of treats. In all fairness his reluctance is understandable because his humum makes him  share our products with an awful lot of other dogs including his cousins and many of the dogs on the Hampshire Search and Rescue Team. Wilson was the inspiration for our Blueberry Bark and Boney-Go treats as well as part of the inspiration for our Wilsy Windle namesake treats.

We thought it time for a formal introduction to the Ambassadogs that will be supporting him (and us) for the next year. You can find out more about the Ambassadog Team from last year by clicking through to this post.

Ambassadog Freddie is a Labrador, and everyone knows all food must go to the lab for testing. However, Freddie has Crohn’s disease which means only certain kinds of food is suitable for his sensitive digestive system – we are happy to report that all of our products are safe for dogs like Freddie which means he can live up to his reputation as a Lab. Freddie was the inspiration for our Fredsticks namesake treats.

Ambassadog Rudy is a  Greyhound x Ridgeback seven year old puppy, and more than a bit of a momma’s boy. He is a very fussy eater except when it comes to our treats which meet with his approval, and he has promised to share them with his friends at the park this year.

Ambassadogs Poppy and Max are miniature Schnauzers. Poppy is precocious and outspoken with a wicked sense of humour that makes us laugh lots. Max is her rather more silent but defiant sidekick – he’s got his own style and he’ll sit when he decides it’s time to sit (a.k.a. treat time). Poppy can’t digest chicken protein, and her brother Max can’t eat wheat so our products are ideal for meeting their treat needs. You can read their Ambassadog application on this post here.

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