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Job application skills!

Our Ambassadogs are company employees and as such must apply and interview for the position. The letter below is one of the pawsome applications we received this year, and we wanted to share it with you because it made us laugh and preen…and offer the applicant (and her brother) an Ambassadog post. You’ve already met our Flagship Dog Wilson, but we’ll introduce you to the rest of the team in the next week to so.

“My name is Poppy and I’m a miniature schnauzer; I am vocal and expressive (with a lot to say). I love my daddy, and like my mummy and brother Max. I like food, okay fine I love food, not all food, I’m not a lover of raw spinach. I can be a bit sensitive and not all food agrees with me; apparently chicken protein is bad, so my mum and dad are careful with what they give me. They have given me the treats you make and I loved them, had no adverse reaction and will sit and stay for them (that’s a good thing apparently).

My brother Max (who is also a miniature schnauzer) has a sensitive tummy (eye roll); he can’t have a lot of wheat. M&D have tried him on a lot of things in the past and it wasn’t always good, but your treats are wonderful. He even sits for them; he never sits (another deserved eye roll).

So in conclusion we would love to be your ambassadors 😊 cause we love your work and you make us happy (and not sick).
Sincerely Yours,

Max and Poppy
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