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Hurrah for May!

We had a wonderful time at the Portsmouth Rural & Seaside show which took us from the month of April to May. It was lovely to meet so many customers in person, and to be told that some of you had come to the event specially to see us. Thank you!

We doubled the number of products we brought to the event this year, but thanks to all you lovely customers it seems that next year we will have to triple or quadruple that amount. Huge apologies to those of you who weren’t able to pick up your favourite treats because we sold out of everything (twice) over the weekend, and we do hope you’ll be ordering them through our online shop instead.

In case you missed them on our social media pages here are some photos from the weekend:

The next event we will be at is the Gosport Dog Show in Walpole Park (Church Path, PO12 1) on the 27th May.

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